Z88 Magic

Kuma Computers Ltd - ISBN 0-7457-0137-X

by Gill Gerhardi, Vic Gerhardi and Andy Berry

This book, based on the experiences of extensive use, will help all users of the Z88 reach an understanding of how to use it with the minimum of hassle.

Computer jargon is kept to a minimum and the informative text is liberally illustrated with examples and handy tips. Topics covered include the operating system, introductory and advanced use of the word processor, spreadsheet and database, communication with other micros, mailmerge, the cursor, the clock, calendar and diary functions, Pipedream and BBC Basic. The book itself was produced using a Z88 in conjunction with other computers, providing a prime example of its potential.

The informal, highly readable style achieved by the authors combined with the wealth of information presented makes this book an invaluable aid to anyone with a Z88 microcomputer, whether novice or experienced.

The Psion Organiser Deciphered

Kuma Computers Ltd - ISBN 0-7457-0139-6

by Gill Gerhardi, Vic Gerhardi and Andy Berry

This book is designed as a beginner’s guide for all Psion Organiser owners, giving an in-depth introduction to the LZ, LZ64, CM and XP models, and explaining the differences between them.

Written in a sensitive, highly readable form, the text is liberally illustrated with handy hints, tips and practical advice together with a wealth of examples.

Psion Organiser Comms Handbook

Kuma Computers Ltd - ISBN 0-7457-0154-X

by Gill Gerhardi, Vic Gerhardi and Andy Berry

Computer communications can be a daunting subject, especially for the uninitiated.

Written in a clear, sensitive and highly readable form, this book provides the reader with all the information needed to link the Psion Organiser to another computer.

It begins with an in-depth introduction to the world of computer communication, going on to explain testing and fault finding techniques. The text is supported by detailed explanation, along with numerous illustration and diagrams.

All this information is made easily accessible by the extensive index and contents pages.

The Windows Guidebook

Kuma Computers Ltd - ISBN 0-7457-0041-1

by Gill Gerhardi, Vic Gerhardi and Andy Berry

Yes, this is another book on Windows 3.0, but it is no ordinary Windows book, for that matter, it is no ordinary computer book.

The authors have written several introductory and guidebook titles and have been widely acclaimed for their quality writing - an article in the Guardian discussing one of their previous titles said “... this book is funny, sharp and excellently written. It ix one of those unusual computer guides that doesn’t leap blindly into screeds of inscrutability...”

One of the authors is a well known computer expert, the others are literate and intelligent users. This balance has enabled them to tackle the more technical topics that need to be covered for a thorough understanding of Windows, while writing in everyday language that will be understandable to all users, whether new or experienced.

The book starts by installing Windows and goes on to describe using the system in detail. It not only covers how to use Windows and the good points, it also covers the ‘downside’ - potential problems and how to overcome them.

The easy-to-read informal style of this book imparts information in an uncomplicated and friendly way. The text is liberally sprinkled with useful tips enabling all users to get the very best out of Windows.