Andrew Richard Berry

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This CV is dated 30th May 2005.


Java (including VisualAge Version 3.5 and J++)

Developed a general-purpose database accessing application and a configuration applet in VisualAge using Swing to develop the GUI.  Specified and added functionality to support individual clients.  Developed an applet for a client.

(18 months. Last used in 2001)

Smalltalk (including VisualAge, VisualWorks, Smalltalk/V for Windows and OS/2)

Extensive experience of developing infrastructure components for seven major projects. Three production applications, two major frameworks, six major components of large client/server applications and three prototyping projects completed.

(Over 5 years in total. Last used in 2005 - Current)

Visual Basic

Using Object-Oriented techniques. VBA, ActiveX, OLE Drag and Drop and SQL.

(9 months - Last used in 2003)

Technical Authorship

Responsible for several user manuals, four papers to European conferences, an on-line help system and co-author of four books.

(Last published work was in 2001)


Director 1994 to Date

Set up new limited company to develop the contracting business.

Thorn plc

Responsible for the analysis, design and implementation of performance enhancements to a call centre application.

(VisualAge for Smalltalk 3.0/4.5 under OS2/Windows 98 – 3 months)

Japanese Computer Services Ltd

Solely responsible for the analysis and design of a general purpose report generator using Swing GUI.

(VisualAge for Java 3.5 under Windows 98 – 1 month)

National Grid plc

Solely responsible for the development of a mapper between database tables that has the ability to run multiple mapping tasks.  Development of an off-line configuration tool for the mapper that used Swing for the GUI.  Solely responsible for adding functionality to tailor the mapper for clients.

(VisualAge for Java 3.5 under Windows NT - 7 months)

The Object People Ltd

Solely responsible for the development of an interface between a Smalltalk application and XML (Extensible Markup Language).  Creates objects from XML input and writes XML from objects.

(VisualAge Smalltalk under Windows 98 - 1 month)

The Object People Ltd

Solely responsible for the development of a form designer and filler. These components, developed as part of a re-insurance application, allows visual editing of questions as they will appear on the displayed form and then manage the filling process on a client machine or by a web interface.

Solely responsible for the development of mechanism to internationalise applications.  This analyses the source code of an application, extracts strings that require translation, modifies the code and then provides a tool for use by translators.

(VisualAge Smalltalk under Windows 98 - 6 months)


Developed website log analysis application.

(Visual Basic 5.0 under Windows 95 – 1 month)


Sole responsibility for development of translator system. Undertook analysis, design and implementation of complete "compiler" that accepts a source of a mainframe query in a language similar to SQL and translates it into objects for a new GUI. Included the development of a meta-compiler, a problem resolution subsystem and a query stream handler.

(VisualAge Smalltalk under Windows 95/NT - 8 months)

Unipoly Group plc

Commissioned to investigate a German subsidiary’s relationship with their software supplier. Developed a project plan, subsequently approved, for upgrading the system.

(1 month)

IBM (UK) Ltd

Member of team working on the development of versioning/editioning for an insurance application. Sole responsibility for design and implementation of the classes that manage the history of a component.

(IBM Smalltalk under OS/2 - 2 months)

JBA plc

Solely responsible for the development of security maintenance component (consisting of four ActiveX programs each with many classes) making extensive use of OLE drag and drop for a major new accountancy package and its integration with an existing database. Sole responsible for an ActiveX component that extracts account information from SQL databases. Sole responsibility for development of a parser for SQL statements.

(Visual Basic 5.0 Enterprise Edition under Windows NT 4.0 - 6 months)

Note:         From February 1996 until June 1997 I was not working as I was in hospital after problems with my neck. I have now recovered although I have limited mobility.

IBM (UK) Ltd

Sole responsibility for the development of an HTML (hyper text mark-up language) interpreter, including the forms extension, and its integration with Visual Banker. (VB is a Smalltalk-based application development framework created by Footprint Software in Canada).

(Smalltalk/V for OS/2 Version 2.0 under the Team/V Development Environment - 6 months)

IBM (UK) Ltd

Member of small team developing frameworks and infrastructure for large client-server system. Specific responsibility for operating system interface software including OS/2 Version 2.1 Presentation Manager. Responsible for developing project-wide Smalltalk standards. Design of development of generic database table maintenance tool. Identified requirements and produced design for the client's use of network and local printers and developed a "convenience print" function that converted windows into text for speedier printing.

(Smalltalk/V for OS/2 Version 2.0 under the ENVY Development Environment - 9 months)

IBM (UK) Ltd

Sole responsibility for the successful development of a cryptographic key management system for the Central Bank of Russia.

Interpretation and refining of outline design. Design of all user interface windows and development of supporting software. Creation of all documentation including on-line help. Integration with cryptographic hardware and encrypted databases. (ParcPlace VisualWorks - 7 months)


Contractor 1993 to 1994

Moved into Contracting to widen experience with corporate clients.

IBM (UK) Ltd

Member of one hundred person team developing a customer service system for regional electricity companies using a client-server architecture.

Analysis of requirements for, design and development of a generalised object searcher and the data graphing function for the application. Initiating and then developing a document viewer application for use by all team members. Took an active part in the pilot study and helped formulate the development methodology. Provision of advice on aspects of change management. (Smalltalk/V for OS/2 Version 2.0 with WindowBuilder under the ENVY Development Environment - 10 months)


Principal 1992 to 1993

Set up new firm to exploit skills acquired - in a more personal and professional context. Continued relationships with clients from previous companies.

EMC2 Inc.

Evaluated and enhanced a video compression algorithm that used insights in the way in which the human visual system operates and then liaised with programmers working on software simulation. (Microsoft C 6.0 on IBM PCs - 3 months)

HyperCOM ApS

Developed a concept of a portable Teletext receiver (TeleAlert) that notifies the user when news in their defined areas of interest arrives. (2 months)

Added features to a Windows 3 program to display Teletext pages. Responsible for graphics mosaics, double height characters and printing. (Windows 3.1 + Borland C++ Version 3.0 - 5 months)

Developed a concept for a new software product (Assist) that combines information known to the user with that from news sources. (Smalltalk/V Windows Version 2 with WindowBuilder - 1 month)


Technical Director 1986 to 1991

Built up, from scratch, a broadly based computer consultancy that worked with companies ranging from financial services to engineering industries throughout Western Europe. Developed long-term relationships with clients that led to the achievement of year on year doubling of consultancy sales turnover. Wrote, and had published, books for computer users including 'The Windows Guidebook'. Appointed by Microsoft as beta tester for Windows 3.1.


Technical Director 1981 to 1986

Recruited, developed and managed a highly skilled team of computer specialists engaged on the development of graphics systems. Provided technical support to the graphic designer for 'The Money Programme' and 'Panorama' title sequences. Was accountable to the Managing Director for the analysis of customer requirements, design of new products and the management of the development team.


Partner 1979 to 1981

Started up a small partnership engaged on the development of industrial control systems and turned it into a successful, profitable business within two years. Provided the analysis of customer requirements and the design and development of systems using low-level languages.


Senior Programmer 1978 to 1979

Designed and developed a new special effects machine for the television industry.

STC plc

Programmer 1976 to 1978

Developed program that established connection with the public telex system for use in message switching systems. Added symbolic debugging capability to an Intel 8080 simulator using PL/1.


Middlesex Polytechnic

1969-73 B.Sc Mathematics for Business - 1st Class Honours

University of Manchester

1973-76 M.Sc Computer Science

Research into Communications Aids for people with disabilities

Professional Training Courses:

Hewlett Packard Ltd                  System Manager Course

Frost and Sullivan (and elsewhere) Short courses on: Object-oriented design, managing software development, testing software, office automation, SNA and SMGL/ODA.

Cranfield School of Management - 1991 Enterprise Development Award course


Z88 Magic, The Organiser Deciphered, The Comms Handbook and The Windows Guidebook also various articles in Personal Computer World and other magazines.


I have worked in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Greece. I have experience of the following application areas:

Client/Server Systems, Television and Business Graphics, Information Systems, Stockbroker Back Office, Invoice Discounting (Factoring), Protocol Conversion Manufacture, Automotive Component Manufacture, Industrial Control Systems, Data Communication Systems, Charities, Insurance, Reinsurance/Underwriting, Marketing Information Management, Utilities.

I have managed teams of programmers and analysts (up to 8 people).

Marital Status:         Single (live with girlfriend)

Date of Birth:            11th February 1951


Gloucestershire Disability One-Stop Shop

Chair of the Board - 1999 to 2003

Member of board responsible for developing a centre that will deliver broadly based range of services to disabled people in Gloucestershire.

SCOPE (formerly The Spastics Society)

Board Member - 1985 to 2001 – now Life Member

Member of board responsible for the governance of a national charity with a turnover of £80 million. Vice-chairman of charity (1992) and chairman of marketing committee (1992-1994). Major achievements include: significant involvement in the process of changing the name to Scope; ensuring that all regional offices and the new head office are accessible to people with disabilities; producing the concept behind Fasttrack (a scheme to provide management opportunities for people with disabilities).

Awarded Honorary Life Membership in 2001.

New Millennium Experience Co Ltd

Advisory Panel Member - 1997 to 1999

Member of the panel advising the consortium building the Millennium Dome on disability issues with particular emphasis on staff training and access.

Central Transport Consultative Committee

Member - 1990 to 1993

Responsible for representing the interests of people with disabilities on the CTCC - the watchdog for the rail industry. Major achievements include: Checking access of new trains and suggesting improvements; meetings with Government ministers and senior rail industry managers.