Knowledge of Systems

Andy Berry has gained broad experience by working on a wide range of computer development projects ranging from dedicated industrial control systems (using microprocessors) to IBM PC packages (in Fortran and "C") to advanced applications (written in Java and Smalltalk). He has a proven record of achievement - below is a selection of the types of products he has been instrumental in developing:

Multi-processor systems
Graphics systems
Financial systems
Protocol conversion systems
Compilers and Interpreters

His involvement in the projects that developed these products have covered all stages of development, ranging from development of fundamental mathematical techniques through implementation of complex software and hardware systems through to the production of user guides and technical reference manuals.

Product Evaluation and Definition

Andy has evaluated a large number of computer-based products for several clients. These have ranged from simple packages for the IBM PC to highly complex real-time systems. The evaluation reports which he produces not only evaluate the package but also cover topics such as the support available and a technical and commercial assessment of the supplier. Because of my appreciation of the state-of-the-art, he can take part in decisions on what products should be developed. His contribution is frequently to suggest options which would not be suggested by existing staff.

Writing Skills

Andy is a skilled writer of both technical material and user guides aimed at non-technical people. He is co-author of books on the Z88 and Psion Organiser portable computers as well as a book on Windows 3.0.

Development Methodologies

Andy has completed several projects which involved studying differing methodologies for the development of computer-based products. These projects not only involved the choice of tools (including CASE - computer aided software engineering) but also issues such as choice of team structure. They also looked at related management issues such as guidance on product maintenance and estimates of system complexity for budgetary purposes. He also has experience of designing documentation systems for quality assurance and then implementing these as computer-based databases.