Explaining Objects

What's this about?

This website explains the 'Big Three' ideas of object-orientated ('O-O') software.  It's written by Andy Berry, a leading O-O developer.

What are the "Big Three"?

To fully exploit the power of the ideas behind O-O, you need to have internalised, not just learned by rote,  just three ideas:


Don't worry if you haven't got a clue as to what any of these words mean.  When you've read all the pages in this website, we hope you'll have a good grasp of all three.

Who will benefit from this site?

Obviously, you should be keen to learn the ideas behind O-O but my experience suggests that the approach I'll use works best for those of us who 'think in pictures' rather than words.

If you find yourself saying 'I see what you mean' rather than 'I hear what you're saying', then you'll probably follow our journey and enjoy it.

Even if you're a word-thinker, try it!  If you find yourself wondering 'what is he talking about?' - well; at least I warned you!

"A Journey through Object Land"

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