Dr Death and The Grim Reaper

by Andy Berry (based on a concept by Gill Gerhardi)

This short playlet illustrates some issues on euthanasia. It's intended to be used in schools by students who are 14 or 15. At the end of the script, you'll find some points that may help focus the discussion following its performance.


Dr Death

The Grim Reaper

Fred (a person who has a car accident)

Stage Directions

Dr Death is standing to the left of Fred. The Grim Reaper is standing to the right of Fred. They are both standing but Fred is sitting, probably in a wheelchair.

Opening Music

I suggest 'The Yellow Brick Road' from 'The Wizard of Oz'.


Actor Says:
DD I've got a good 'un here, all ready for you!
TGR Well, he doesn't look too bad to me.
Fred I'm not, I'm alive.
TGR Hey, he talks!
DD Yep, but his great-uncle asked me to help him.
Fred I haven't seen him for twenty years but, as soon as there's money around, he appears. Typical!
TGR I think we'd better listen to Fred.
DD. What does he know, he's only the patient?
Fred. No, I'm Fred and I'm disabled, not sick
DD Look, ignore him. Just treat him the same as all those who can't speak.
Fred But I can talk. I'm talking now!
TGR I'm not sure about this one. That last one you gave me, he were a load of bother.
DD I got in trouble over that 'un too. I don't know, some people just don't understand!
Fred I don't, for a start.
DD Look, I've already said, you're just a patient…
Fred (interrupting) Are you deaf or daft or just pig-headed? I'm not a patient, I'm a person.
DD Right, so you're a 'person' are you? What use are you? What good do you do?
TGR I think I'd better get back to the darkness, I'm plainly not needed here.
Fred Not so fast, I might need you in a minute!
TGR But...
Fred Not for me, for him (pointing at DD) when I murder him.
DD Very funny, you're disabled and therefore useless. You can't do anything.
TGR Now, even I find that unacceptable.
DD Why is everyone against me? After all, all I try to do is help people.
Fred By turning people into ex-people.
TGR Some of my best friends are ex-people.
Fred Yes, like Hitler?
TGR He's a lovely fella, if you ignore the salutes...
DD Look, this ain't getting anywhere and I've got another patient.
Fred (to TGR) Do you take him now or shall I wrap him up first?  
TGR No, I don't want him.
Fred Well, I certainly don't either.

Discussion Points

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